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About Us


Bugah Pest Control was Formed in 2014 as a father and son Business. Our philosophy of providing Quality Customer Service and Building a Great Relationship with Industry Professionals has seen us grow into a fleet big enough to cover work from Sydney To Newcastle including the Central Coast. Where possible we choose to use Australian Chemical Manufactures, who else would be more qualified to create great chemicals for the Australian Environment other than an Australian.

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Chemicals We Use

We are committed to providing our customers with safe Australian Made Chemicals.

Our Chemicals are:

  • Safe for Human Contact Once Dry. (You don’t need to leave Home)

    Safe for Pets

    Pet Safety

  • Safe for all common Household Pets.
  • We will take special precautions if you have Reptiles,fish,Birds or Chickens as Pets.

Our Technicians will provide you with the answers to any concerns you may have about the chemicals we intend to use on your Property.

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Pest Control for the Home.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it people and pests just don’t get along. They maybe smelly Cockroaches, Stinging Wasps or Biting Spiders, but you don’t need to live with them any longer!

Bugah Pest Control can provide you with year round protection with as little as a Premium Annual Treatment for Cockroaches and Spiders our Premium annual treatment also covers Rodents in your roof Void that can cause very expensive electrical faults or even fires.

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German Cockroach Treatments.

German Cockroaches are currently in Pandemic Proportions world wide. the birth of internet shopping, eBay and free trade are to blame, with so many packages being sent around the world the Cockroaches are getting free travel hiding inside the core of boxes or in the items themselves.

German Cockroach Treatment

Approximately 40 German Cockroaches if they weren’t caught they would breed to 1600 in just 4 weeks time.

Health Risk, German Cockroaches are Cannibalistic choosing to remain in the nest and not spread until overcrowded, as a result they become very smelly and give off a pheromone that has been scientifically link to Asthma and other Respiratory Illness even something as simple as Hey fever.

Good News we can help, It can be very difficult to stop a German Cockroach Infestation, there is no magic spray, it simply takes time and the precise application of chemicals. Unfortunately you can’t just spray, this is why you need a professional. Our technicians will take the time to get to the cockroaches in there homes and hiding place. Using there breeding cycle and habits as our best offensive this being there only weakness as these cockroaches  can survive almost anything.

In almost all cases you will require a minimum of 2 treatments to be effective in removing German Cockroaches from your Home.

Bugah Pest Control offer Fantastic Packages and Zero Interest No Credit Check Finance with simple payment arrangements so you can afford to treat your home properly once and not continue trialling non effective treatments and wasting your hard earned Money.

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Bee’s and Wasp’s


Wasp Control

Mud Dauber Wasp AKA Mud Wasp

Wasp’s can deliver a painful sting and in some cases Kill. It is best not to approach a wasp nest and call us to remove the nest. Our technicians carry the correct Protective Equipment to deal with the situation and have a solid understanding of the different species behaviour especially when they are defending there nest.

Our technicians will kill the wasps in the nest and remove the nest to prevent the remaining wasps from continuing in the production of the nest causing them to move on.


Bee Swarms

Honey Bee

A Necessary Evil, They Sting and have been known to hospitalise or even kill People even in the suburbs. They are however essential to the survival of mankind and must only be destroyed as a last resort.

In most cases our technicians are able to safely remove a bee swarm and relocate the swarm to one of our privately monitored hives or even safely release the bee’s into the environment away from residential properties.

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 Rats and Mice

Rodent Baiting

Common Black Rat AKA Roof Rat

Rodents cause millions of dollars in damage to Australian industry every year. They cause fire and spread Disease like leptospirosis, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, bubonic plague. There droppings and shed hair can cause allergens. all this is done through Saliva, Hair loss and Urine a rat will constantly urinate 50ml of urine a day.

The first sign you have rats and mice is the constant scratching and gnawing  in the roof or walls this may be followed by the smell of Rodent Urine Especially where there nesting.

Our technicians carry a verity of Rodent Baits as these guys can be quite picky when it comes to there diet. they can also be quite difficult to feed baits to and you need experience to understand how the rodents live and there habits to be able to be effective with the positioning of any baits, technicians also need to be very careful where there are native animals or pets in close proximally as secondary baiting can happen.

Dealing with Rodents is not as simple as throwing a few baits and hoping for the best they can be quite complicated.

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Everyone Knows fleas can be annoying and difficult to overcome, imagine how your pet feels! To treat


flea’s there are a number of steps you need to take to be successful with the Guidance of one of our

friendly technicians we can work through the process with you. We will explain how and why you need to follow our Plans to rid your home and yard of flea’s.

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You can never underestimate the damaging effect Termites can have on your property in most cases you wont even know their there until its to late. They cause billions of damage to Australian properties each year.

Our technicians have the experience to know how to deal with each situation and have a thorough knowledge of the Australian Standard for dealing with Termites and are both Timber Pest Inspectors and carry the Necessary Insurance Essential when dealing with Termites.

Usually the first sign you have Termites

We provide a wide range of termite services from New Constructions to Existing Properties and further preventative Measures as you can never have enough prevention in place.

Australian Standard say you should have a Visual Termite Inspection every 12 months.

Call today to arrange a Visual Termite Inspection. The inspection takes approx. 2 to 3 hrs depending on the size and construction of your home or business.

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Commercial and Industry

We currently provide services to Takeaway’s, Restaurants, Hospitals, Offices, Warehouses, Motels and Caravan parks.

Australian Standards can be quite Complex, our experience and training make our technicians the best trained to look after your Business and your compliance with industry best practice. Our fleet insures there is someone to help you with any sudden issue that pops up, our relationship with suppliers means we can always provide the best equipment the market has to offer and keep on top of the most complicated of situations.

When it comes to Commercial pest control your in the safest hands with Bugah Pest Control no matter how big your organisation is.

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Bed Bugs

One Bad Review Can destroy the reputation of your hotel. These days Bed Bugs are becoming quite a regular occurrence in the Australian accommodation industry. Bugah pest control services Hotels, Hostels, Caravan Parks and Hospitals in the Central Coast and Newcastle Areas. We also Provide Bed Bug Services Throughout Australia and Asia to large Hotel Groups and Smaller Accomodations. Yes we can assist in your private Residence as well. Eradicating Bed Bugs in accordance with the Australian code of practice can be quite complex you need to have an

Bed Bug

experienced team on your side. The best thing you can do is not get Bed Bugs to start with. We can assist you in setting your accomodations up in such a way that a Bed Bug infestation would be almost impossible this would include training your staff in locating and identifying Bed Bugs and familiarising them with the codes of practice and implementation of daily procedures to ensure any Specimens don’t turn into infestations.

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Central Coast Bed Bug

Bed Bug Bites