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If you are in a food premise or a busy business, regular inspections are highly recommended. If

Commercial Property's

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you are in a high risk industry, sometimes even doing all the right things is not sufficient. Our strategy and experience will control insect problems; we provide a full insect management programs with all the required documentation that will have your premises insect free in no time.

On an annual basis, mice inflict $35.6 million in control and production loss costs Per Year. ref Bomford and Hart (2002)

Services we provide,

  • Bed Bug Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Fly Control

    Bird Control

    Bird Control

  • Cockroach Control
  • Bird Control
  • Ferral Cats
  • Native Wildlife (catch and Release)
  • Stingers and Beetles

One of the most common services we provide is Rodent Control.

rat box 2

Rodent boxes are available in a variety of different types shapes and sizes even discrete camouflage ones, great for restaurant gardens. They can contain a variety of different baits and tracking die’s.

We can also Supply and install Bird Spikes for those pigeons butcher bird problems.


Bed Bugs are on the increase for long and short term accommodations we can provide a regular preventative maintenance program.

Fly Control. with the assistance of our electrician we can provide the latest in fly trap/zapper discreet-flydesigns. These are available in a number of inconspicuous designs.


We have a huge variety of products to help in your industry no matter what your needs or how big your company. Give us a call on 0452413332 and we can arrange an obligation free visit and quote.