Annual Treatments Domestic

Annual Treatments are available for all domestic homes.

Annual Service Silverfish


Annual Service Black House Spider

Black House Spider

Annual Service Funnel Web

Funnel Web

Annual Service Redback Spider

Redback Spider

Annual Service White Tail Spider

White Tail Spider

Annual Service Saint Andrews Cross

Saint Andrews Cross

Annual Service Australian cockroach

Australian cockroach

Annual Service Black Rat

Black Rat











Sydney Newcastle and Central Coast play host to a wide variety of Insects and Wildlife. Pictured above are some of our most common. Chemical Intervention by way of an Annual Spray will certainly protect your family from the Smaller Insect Variety’s of pests. the larger variety’s Like

Annual Service Red Belly Black Snake

Red Belly Black Snake

Snakes and Mammals  Can also be quite Dangerous and Our Experienced Technicians can provide advice on dealing with any of these pest’s from the smallest of insects such as Mites through to the biggest of Marsupial Mammals Like Kangaroo’s.

Annual Service Kangaroo


Whether your looking for a Annual Pest Spray or just need some advice on living with our Beautiful Wildlife or maybe your having trouble with a particular Animal. Bugah Pest Technicians have the experience to advise you on how to manage these Animals when they become pest’s.


Annual Service Redback Spider

Redback Spider

Annual Pest Spray Inclusions,

  • Interior and Exterior, Spray will help keep your home and yards free from Spiders, Cockroaches, Flea’s, Silverfish.
  • Roof Void Dusting, will help keep your roof space free from Cockroaches, Spiders, Flying Termite.
  • Rodent Baiting, Rats and mice can cause significant damage in the roof void leading to electrical faults and fire.


Bugah Environmental Pest Management advises homeowners to be wary of going for the lowest quote, “There are a lot of shonky operators out there who will charge next to nothing, and some people get conned by this. The sad thing is we then get called into fix their mess!”

Unlike in the past a regular annual service will not cause any health problems long term, therefor you can feel safe knowing your not going to poison the family either long or short term.

Annual Service Safe For Pets

We Only Use Pet Friendly Chemicals