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Termite Control Services For Central Coast

You can never underestimate the damaging effect termites can have on your property. In most cases you won’t even know they’re there until it’s too late.

Speed is of the essence if you’re faced with a white ant problem at home or in your business. If left unchecked. They can cause significant damage to your property. Costing Australians a huge amount in repairs and treatment each year.

A real risk to your home

The Australian Institute of Architects reported on their Archi-centre website in about 2006 that 130,000 Australian homes were attacked in a year. The average termite cost for the professional pest manager to treat the pest was about $2500. The average cost of repairs was $4500. Total average $7,000. Multiplied by 130,000 as a result $1bn… a year!

termite control central coast


That was about 12 years ago. The cost of both professional pest control, tradesmen and building materials has pushed the figure up to around $1.5bn a year. The termite attack rate is not slackening.

Paying for termite control services is cheaper in the long run than having to fork over a fortune to repair structural damage. So if you’re faced with a white ant infestation. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Have the professionals come and take care of your termite problems once and for all.

Above all you can Relax knowing you’re in safe hands. Our Termite Specialist is licensed and insured. He is committed to providing you with exceptional service. Honest and thorough information as a result you can make proper informed decisions about the future of your biggest investment.

Due to many factors it is impossible to give customers any sort of idea without a thorough inspection.

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